Birthright - 4th Edition

Our Adventure Begins - Part 3

Our heroes finish exploring the sewer system and the caves connected to it by a hidden passage. The treasure is nice, but the baggage is kind of heavy.

Total XP so far: 7400 (1233 per person)

Welcome to Second Level!

Really? We camped in the sewer? Really?:

Primary Goal: Survival

  • 2 Wererats
  • 2 Dire Rats
XP: 500

Slightly Sinister Summonings:

Primary Goal: Survival Secondary Goal: Capture a live wererat orphan for questioning

  • 1 Wererat Rogue
  • 12 Wererat Orphans
  • 1 Bile Archon
XP: 1450 (1350 monsters, 100 for completion of secondary goal)

Quest – Save the Baronete’s Daughter

The source of the sickness suffered by Baronete Silas Bloodwater’s daughter has been discovered and purged fro the sewers, and his daughter has been cured. The Baronete is pleased, as is Galloway.

XP: 600


Alexander Cecil

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