Liriel Aurethrin


Name: Liriel Aurethrin
Race: Sidhelien
Class: Swordmage (Bladesinger)
Alignment: Unaligned
Gender: Female
Age: 227
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 130
Eyes: Green
Hair: Golden/Blonde

Strength 12 (1)
Constitution 17 (
Dexterity 10 (0)
Intelligence 21 (
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 12 (

Initiative +1 Speed: 6

AC: 23 Fort: 16 Ref: 18 Will: 17

HP: 50 Bloodied: 25 Surge Value: 12 Surge/Day: 11

Trained Skills: Arcana (14), Athletics (8), Diplomacy (8), History (12), Insight (+7)

Feats: Intelligent Blademaster, Versatile Expertise, Retributive Shield, Aegis Vitality

At Will Powers: Aegis of Shielding, Booming Blade, Lightning Lure
Encounter Powers: Chilling Blow, Transposing Lunge
Daily Powers: Frost Backlash
Utility Powers: Channeling Shield
Racial Powers: Sidhelien Step (encounter), The Gheallie Sidhe (encounter)

Languages: Anuierean, Elven, Basajari, Low Brecht, Goblin, Rjurik


Liriel was raised the daughter of a well loved elven couple, her father a ranger dedicated to protecting the forests and her mother a scholar and fine lady. Liriel was a curious child quick to act first and ask questions later. Her impetuous attitude gained the notice of her uncle Jaedenar, a swordmage, for he recognized her talents and energy could be better harnessed for the good of the Sidhelien.

Jaedenar didn’t count on Liriel taking after her father in terms of her hard-line attitude toward humans. Though tempered after her years of training, the cold brutality always seemed to be waiting in the wings. Liriel’s specialty turned toward shielding her fellows and those that gained her trust got to know the curious and loving girl with the cold focus and resolve.

A turning point came to Liriel’s life when a group of scouts she was working with were ambushed by an superiorly organized group of goblins. Though outnumbered, she fought bravely. One by one her allied fell. At last, Liriel slew the final foe, but collapsed from her wounds and fell unconscious.

She awoke in a small cottage to find herself being taken care of by a human man. Her first instinct was to draw her sword, but she hesitated. Passing out again and regaining consciousness later, Liriel took in the situation more slowly. Her wounds were bound and she appeared to be in no danger. The man spoke to her slowly and gently, but not in a language she understood. Over the next few days Liriel watched the man treat her like a skittish animal, speak slowly in a gentle voice and using a light touch in treating her. She watch him work and saw the look of adoration and perhaps something else she couldn’t identify in his eyes as he tended to her. Even while resting in trace, she was aware of the man sleeping by her bedside to make sure she was alright. Feelings stirred in Liriel, ones she could not think possible toward any human…she was in love.

Their relationship changed over the next few days, though they could not speak the same language the mutual feeling of love and adoration overcame their differences in communication.

Liriel knew this couldn’t last. Her wounds had mostly healed and she had a duty to her people to return home and tell of her fallen companions. Late one night while the man slept heavily beside her bed, she left and returned home. Her family had noticed the change in how Liriel carried herself and the profound sadness that shone in her eyes. When Liriel gave birth to a daughter, Fiara, her family understood the sadness and left her to her grief but rejoiced in the birth of the little one. Jaedenar, refocus Liriel’s studies as a fiercely protective attitude warred with her cold rage. Bladesingers were the protector of the Sidhelien, but sometimes they needed to leave their lands. He worked with his niece in history and negotiation trying to take her mind off of her waring emotion.

Ten years later, Liriel has changed more than other Sidhelien thought possible. Her carefree attitude has been masked by protectiveness and duty, but underneath if she lets you, you can still see a glimmer of the young and curious girl.

Liriel hold out hope that one day she can find that man again, for she still loves him.


Liriel is a Bladesinger of the School of the Fox and bears a tattoo of a fox chasing leaves on her back and left shoulder.

Liriel Aurethrin

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