Wizard and retired blacksmith


Name: Govannon Toru (pronounced Gove-FAN-un TOE-rue)

Race: Human (Rjurik)
(Size M, Speed 6)
Class: Wizard
Blooded: Yes – Anuire (Minor)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Age 47 (middle-aged, born in autumn)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red-blond, going grey
Alignment: Good

STR: 12
CON: 15 (inc. +2 racial bonus)
DEX: 10
INT: 18 (inc. +2 racial bonus)
WIS: 14
CHA: 11

Initiative: 11

AC: 18
FORT: 14
REF: 16
WILL: 16

Passive Insight: 18
Passive Perception: 18

Max HP: 19
Bloodied at 14 hp
Surge value: 7
Surges/day: 8

Trained Skills: Arcana (13), Endurance (8), Insight (8), Nature (8), Perception (8), Diplomacy (6)
Untrained Skills (above 0): Athletics (1), Dungeoneering (2), Heal (2), History (4), Religion (4), Insight (3), Warfare (?)

Feats: Leather Armor, Ritual Casting, Trained Diplomacy, Skill Focus Arcana

Implement Mastery: Staff of Defense

At Will Powers: Magic Missile, Scorching Burst, Thunder Wave
Encounter Powers: Grasping Shadows
Daily Powers: Rolling Thunder, Sleep
Rituals: Make Whole, Know Origin, Silence
Utility: Shield (encounter)

Weapon: Quarterstaff (also used as Staff implement)
Armor: Leather Armor

Equipment: Flask, waterskin, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, rations (10), rope, grappling hook, hammer, pitons (10).
Travel: Cart, pack horse

NOTE: This character includes a number of house rules, to allow him to fit a 4th Edition adaptation of the birthright setting.



Govannon Toru, called “Smith” by many of his neighbors, was until recently the sole blacksmith in a small remote Rjurik town. He was raised from childhood as an apprentice, his father being the previous smith, and he took well to the trade.

However, in his early teenage years, his mind began to sometimes wander. He wondered more about how things work, and the nature of the gods, and about which tales are true and which are myths. He aspired to even greater things than merely becoming a greater smith than his father. He also became aware of the little bits of magic in and around the simple world of his village. Thoughts of such things began to call to him.

As he grew into manhood he learned patience. He was still curious, but choose to watch the world around him, rather than seek out the objects of his interest. He felt it was his duty, especially once he became the town blacksmith, to do what his people needed— and it was clear they needed horses shod, and nails, and hinges, and sometimes even weapons, more than they needed a foolish man playing with sparkling lights. His father made this very clear, even though he didn’t know what the boy’s mind was actually wandering towards.

As an adult, Govannon became a foundation stone in his community. His perceptive nature and patience meant he often understood much that was going on, often more than people expected. His trade meant that people came to rely on him, and trust him like they had his father— and many before him. In many ways, he was the leader of his village, and a leader of sorts to the surrounding communities. This role was not formal or official, but not challenged by those officially in charge on a larger scale either.

Not having a family of his own, Govannon took on an apprentice from another village, who over time became almost like a son to him. This young man is the only soul with any inkling of Govannon’s powers and dreams. The old smith would only practice his abilities far outside the village, in the wilderness— or later under the protection of a Silence ritual and other clever illusions. Though he understood how much respect he had earned, he knew equally well how easily that could be lost, by flaunting interests and powers feared by his people.

Slowly and surely, he experimented and learned the skills of a magician, perhaps even of a wizard, with nary a soul the wiser. His focus early on was on illusions, as for years he could barely manage the basic cantrips. When his power takes on a more forceful nature, he tends to call on quiet, dark, forceful storms of energy. These spells take on a very subtle, not at all flashy form. Before leaving his village, he had never yet used such a spell in a true act of violence, only practicing against objects, or wild animals that needed to be put down.

Govannon is 46 years old, with steadily greying long light hair (usually braided back) and a beard to match. He is stocky, with massive arms, and grime under his fingernails. He is not as strong as he was when younger, especially as his former apprentice slowly took over much of the trade, but he is still very hardy with incredible endurance. He is a rock of a man, or an ingot of iron. He dresses in simple natural colors, including undyed linens and rugged leathers and furs.

Recently, he declared the young smith’s training to be complete. Within a month, Govannon was ready to head out into the world. He has packed a versatile kit, including many tools of his own making, what little information he could gather, an iron ring and circlet made by his adopted son, and a staff shod with iron caps. He hopes to find people and lands who will not fear or suspect his magical interests, so that he can continue to learn. In many ways, he is like the young adventurer, simply hoping to set out into the wide world, and learn his true place in it. Thus begin the adventures of Govannon Toru, blacksmith magician and aspiring Wizard.


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