Birthright - 4th Edition

Initial Domain Turns

Captain Galloway is satisfied with the work of his Six, as their work to save Baronet Silas Bloodwater’s daughter has renewed interest in Galloway’s company. Now it is up to the Six to persue what leads they deem relevent as they try to piece together the mysteries that surround their mission.

The frozen battles of winter have given way to the muddy trials of spring. The Life and Times of Judythia Bluegill is not so much a magic item as a powerful conjuration of shadow. No easy trace is found of “Poppa” wererat, nor of the teen wererats who seemingly had him under their thumb. Jude, the orphan wererat, gets along well enough with Fiara, but there are unstated worries about his stability during the full moons.

It is never easy for friends to part, especially those who have held each others’ lives in their hands, but Galloway’s Six decide to do just that.

Govannon's Journal - Week 3
This is bad.

%&$ #x%x$ #%&$ #x%x$ #%&$ #x%x$ #%&$ #x%x$ #@x%x$

That was bad.


Our Adventure Begins - Part 3

Our heroes finish exploring the sewer system and the caves connected to it by a hidden passage. The treasure is nice, but the baggage is kind of heavy.

Total XP so far: 7400 (1233 per person)

Welcome to Second Level!

Our Adventure Begins - Part 2

Our heroes bravely continue exploring the sewers beneath the city of Dumaire.

Total XP so far: 4850 (808 per person)

Govannon's Journal - Week 1
IC Summary of our first adventures

Since leaving home, I made my way to Anuire, surprisingly enough, and I found myself in the employ of a reputable enough band of mercenaries. I’ve been put in a sort of elite squad of six, most of us blooded, but nonetheless a motely crew if I ever saw one.

When I left the village, the lad told me I ought to keep a journal of my “grand adventures in the wode world”. Much of my work so far as a mercenary hasn’t been worthy of note, but the last few days have been… interesting.

Our Adventure Begins

Our first session is complete!


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