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  • Tholecht1

    I write this to you while resting in a field full of my enemies. The escape went smoothly, the guards were nothing against my hidden steel. My crew and I were relishing our victory as we approached our supply cache. As we grew closer though, the air was …

  • Tholecht2

    My dear friend, I write you once more while taking a five minute break from battle.
    My adventuring company and I have discovered a remarkable land under these frozen wastes. We have discovered the land where the One Armed Gnoll is king.
    He …

  • tholecht3

    Once again I fear this will be a short missive my friend. The screaming in the background is highly distracting. I'm just waiting for the muscle to kick down the door so we can get a little peace and quiet. And potentially do a good deed.

  • tholecht4

    Dear friend,

    This will be short for I am exhausted... This crew I have assembled seems to have boundless energy. Even after a long battle, and lugging our supplies to a secure location, they are still forging on ahead.

    I personally want a …

  • tholecht5

    I am quite pleased I focus on ranged weapons... While the others are busy cleaning the blood and spores off their gear, I have the chance to write to you.

    At last we can rest, Kahles is completely sure we are safe and I don't have the energy …

  • tholecht6

    My friend,
    I apologize but I do not feel like writing much now. Playing translator for my associates has left me fairly drained.
    We questioned the heretic today and have come to an agreement. We help her retrieve her stone and she takes us to …

  • tholecht7

    At last! We have returned to civilization.

    The assault on the Orag encampment went fairly smoothly, no severe difficulties.
    On return we were given "the best boat available" and we sailed to the nearest port city.
    It felt …

  • tholecht8

    We finally sat down and worked out a name, my previous idea was much to wordy. We settled on something that rolled off the tongue, [[CSI]], short for Cold Steel Initiative.

    Getting that matter of business out of the way allowed us to focus on our …

  • tholecht9

    Dear Friend, I apologize for not writing for so long, things have been fairly busy and the ink I have been using froze in the cold. Now that I am inside a "warm" keep I finally have the chance to write once more. I fear things have gotten more …

  • tholecht10

    Their footsteps echoed down the hallway... Tholecht didn't remember the path to the dining room being this long, it felt as if it would take at least three weeks to traverse the distance. On the bright side it allowed plenty of time to devise an …

  • tholecht11

    This will be short for I am too overwhelmed by my thoughts. The fates are conspiring against my future happiness! Things went from bad to worse fairly quickly (once the hallway ended). First we explained why we slaughtered the goblins. That wasn't too …

  • tholecht12

    At last! We are leaving this frozen waste. Our reputation has earned us the undying loyalty of a local trader and he will be proving us passage South. We also pooled our funds to invest in the silver trade, we don't expect much payout from this (10%), but …

  • tholecht13

    After an unproductive fall, largely due to our bard researching his Varsk rather than the rock, we decided to spend another season in Khinasi. Realizing there was little we could contribute towards the research, Drew and I worked to improve our finances. …

  • tholecht14

    Well that was _fun_... Evzen's long lost partner in crime Gabriella told the watch that the stone was stolen. Granted I use the term "watch" loosely, they were a collection of thugs led by a bigger thug. Fortunately she didn't _mean_ to screw us over, …

  • tholecht16

    _OOC Note:_ _J.R. is cool with how things went down, and would have been even if his character had died. (In fact he was already thinking of new concepts). Tholecht on the other hand is not. Keep that in mind when reading this._ *BEGIN RANT* Its …

  • CSI

    The Cold Steel Initiative is a relatively new adventure company formed by famed Orog slayer Tholecht.

    Members Inlude:

    • Tholecht Schechterkuf
    • Evzen 
    • Kahles Vorten
    • Althien
    • Drew
    They …

  • Tholecht Schechterkuf

    The Schechterkuf family owns a powerful merchant fleet in Briecht. The family has strict ideals which require each member to prove themselves worthy of their nobel blood. These ideals also help to keep the bloodline strong. This also allows the family to …