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  • A Letter to Home in Vos

    *written in Vos* _Dear Pape & Mema, Grandpape, Big Big Brother, Big Little Brother, Little Brother, Big Big Sister, Little Big Sister, Little Little Sister, and Minchska,_ _Hello from the middle south. *Galloway's Six* spends another holiday season …

  • Varsk

    Varsks are the great, white, furry lizards the men and women of [[Vosgaard]] ride into battle. Strong, irritable, and a wild spirit make varsks the ideal mount for the [[Vos]] way of life. Varsks can move easily over snow and ice, but they can overheat …

  • Miri Gortsikaya

    Miri Gortsikaya is a Vos female barbarian with a keen eye, and a large build. True to her class she is brawy and tall, always eager to get in any kind of battle that tests her mettle against other foes. Her current fascination is with learning how to be …

  • The Big Man

    The Big Man, his name unknown, was the abusive and vindictive head of the Vos prison camp. He was slain by the northern party during the riot which lead to their escape.