Birthright - 4th Edition

A fragment from Javiero's field report

…clearly another hard won victory, thanks to myself and my Anuirean compatriot. Our respite from exploring the dark corridors of this tomb were interrupted, however, by that reckless twit Miri. If we ever find a switch, lever or button she doesn’t press, I’ll eat my bow. Needless to say, the floor beneath suddenly gave way and we found ourselves in an even deeper level. Kenrick and I were the first to recover from the fall, naturally, and were able to help the others get back on their feet quickly.

This level was like the one above, with strange carvings of people carrying offerings to some yet unknown destination. As I began to lead the party forward, we soon discovered this place was teeming with life…all of it hostile.

We came to a Great Hall of sorts, at least one suitable for the backwater kings in this place, with a beautifully carved wood and woven rug. That’s when they attacked. Kenrick was the first to notice, as a pair of Cockatrices leaped from the balcony and swooped down to attack. Without hesitation I drew my bow, filling one full of arrows. It dropped dead at my feet, as Kenrick smashed his mace against the other. The rest of the party scrambled, caught completely unaware. Fortunately, with natural Anuirean leadership on the field, they were able to ready themselves quickly. Miri, for all her failings, is a competent fighter and was able to finish off the second Cockatrice with Kenrick’s help.

Now on guard, Kenrick and I continued to lead the party forward, deeper into this ancient tomb. It is a literal menagerie down here, with everything from ghost wolves (who looked for offerings of meat), talking bears (which guarded this strange magic healing circle), a talking stone bird (trapped by this tomb’s owner), a giant frog (aside from being giant, seemed normal) and giant bugs (food for previously mentioned bird). Whatever the purpose of this place might have once been, it is now nothing more than a trap. A trap we must dismantle piece by piece to discover the ring we seek. Unfortunately, time was short as I heard footsteps on the level above. We were followed and hurried our search. That’s when…