Birthright - 4th Edition

A Letter to Home in Vos

Birthright 4th edition

written in Vos

Dear Pape & Mema, Grandpape, Big Big Brother, Big Little Brother, Little Brother, Big Big Sister, Little Big Sister, Little Little Sister, and Minchska,

Hello from the middle south. Galloway’s Six spends another holiday season together, with great march after first thaw! I am sorry that I cannot return once more, but for keeping peace I bring strife to my enemies and make you all proud! Glory to our Lord and the Winter Queen!

When last I write I mention that I am training Jude and one Fiara. I am proud! The half-elf can throw a punch okay and take one better. You would be happy, Mema! No longer worry about elf being too weak and bad luck. Have strife within her, though. Will be let out one day, hope to be there when it happens. May the Lord watch and send Life Lessons her way!

So travel to rocky place that Smith & Priest have workers worked for so long. Nobleman and Wolf Dog return. Bard and Elf come back. Learn much more, listening to Priest. I watch Priest more, I learn to write good like Big Little Brother.

Galloway’s Six go into rocky place because crazy things found by workers. Priest and Nobleman go through Crook side. We go through Sword side, get hurt but tougher than Crook so we only get hurt once. We find many tunnels, fight many things, and then rocks fell. Nobody died, but your Big Little Sister was tricked by bad shadows, bound in iron down very dark pit. Very bad. Galloway’s Six was victorious because We work together. Rested after, tired. Listen to Priest tell story about his god. His god might like ours: he full of storms and deals out strife too.

To answer Little Brother: new creature I meet yes all the time. This time I write about annoying creature: Sand Snakes. These snakes are quicker than most, and not snakes that I could kill in one strike. They need many, many strikes. Grandpape could take one by himself, still, though. They spit dirt and blind Galloway’s Six, but we were faster so we were victorious.

Doors in tunnels they all trapped. Your Big Little Sister find out that when tap with longspear, cannot be hurt by ice, fire, darkness, poison, and other things. Too far. Many, many shadows we fight. Priest gets angered by shadows and commands them to be ‘vein-kwoo-eeshta’ with power of his god, so to become stairs. It really happened. Your Big Little Sister was there and it was so. Because we are stronger we are victorious. Down stairs large long crystals of beautifulness.

Great warrior from Battle to End All Battles Then, Now and Forever there. Galloway’s Six find him. Smith talk long time with him in his East North speak. Next time go East North Smith, your Big Little Sister will find reason go too and send gift from there. Learn weird East North speak. Maybe learn direction better? Great warrior Grith Zulnack. Great Warrior injured beyond Healer. Beyond Priest. Beyond Winter Queen touch. Got honorable death in great battle. Your Big Little Sister help fell twice. Nobleman good killing shot four times with yew & shaft. Priest Smith and your Big Little Sister give mark and praise to fallen great warrior. We clear out rocky place of all bad creatures. Good ones stay. We are honest so we tell Galloway of great victory!

I miss you all and hope to see you in Summer.

Love Your Big Little Sister Miri

Pape, please read rest of letter to self and Grandpape, as to not worry Mema.

I am very confused. When kill great warrior, Bard, Elf and Priest struck by a dark lightning very hard from fallen body. I safe enough and do not get hurt. Lightning strike, usually badly injured or dead. Wolf Dog Smith Nobleman okay but not three. All three still alive though. ALIVE MORE than just ‘alive’. You can see it in their eyes. This does not make sense. I do not understand this, Pape. Is this something you or Grandpape have heard of or know about? I sad if Priest & Elf drop dead later because of dark lightning, and Bard too, but that because then we’d be Galloway’s Five if Bard die but Priest lead us and Elf has child Fiara who be lost. Very worried indeed and should not be so. Do not like what-ifs for I can not fight them head-on. I like problems that I can be hands on about and feel good after solving.

I miss yours and Grandpape’s wisdom from bonfire feasts after felling a great beast or warrior. With no Vos to shape stories, relish victories, or dance the tokage with, I work on the children now. They become stronger as they deal with Strife in Life. They may never meet another Vos, so I must be the best I can be at all times for me. For us. For our gods, and for our mother land. I still do think of our family, though… we seem to be happier then the way these southerners paint us. I think the Nobleman would be shocked to know how smart you and Grandpape really are. I not so smart, but that why you send me out to get smarter. I hope you are proud thus far. Please take this money. Please place this small pebble in chest I have at home. It is from the pyre of great warrior’s grave. I did not… feel right to take a trophy from this warrior defeated, not even a hair. I have never felt this way before. I hope the Lord will understand.

I miss you, Pape. Love, Your Second Daughter, Miri


Alexander Cecil