Birthright - 4th Edition

Burnt Note, Translated

From Vos to Anuerian to Low Brecht

M – It was found by one of the side entrances long ago after the battle of Halskappa, or something Castle to that effect. The Anuerian definition is sketchy at best, so I’m making do with what I’ve got here. Going from one language to another is tricky enough; tack on a third and… well, you know. You’re in class with me. Anyway, here you go. – J

—so worried and angry. Why attack senselessly? Do not know if child will make it. Praying to Kenrick’s god that he does, as he seems to bless the healing around here. Discouraged on how battle went. Many parts of the city burnt or destroyed, leading up to [Halskappa]. King is in bad way: can feel it. Antlers exhausting him, ring getting him up when he should be down. ‘Lo, do I see his fathers, and his mothers, and all of them that go back to the beginning’, and yet Miri do not even remember when this all started, this battle. It went on fiercely. Quickly. …forever. And one got away.
One. Got. Away.
Am proud of children for fighting, even though they were told to stay safe and hidden. Must face facts that child Jude might die. If he die, Miri give him proper Vos burial. If anyone complain, Miri will do it alone. Will take rat as tattoo trophy, and totem in honor of child Jude, if he die. Have better understanding of that whole situation now.
…Miri going to kill that bastard who struck Jude.
Going to kill him dead.

…might want to go back and write better, second letter, so as to not upset family…