Birthright - 4th Edition

Liriel's diary - Third entry

I was beginning to think that we would be stuck in the harsh north and that forgotten tomb for much longer than we intended.

We continued exploring the tomb dodging various traps and perils. We became more convinced of the age of the tomb when we found a hidden crypt for a dwarven couple. In our single-minded quest for the ring that King Bervinig spoke of while in his wolf form, we treaded onward and came upon perhaps one of the most disturbing things yet. Down a rough hewn tunnel we came across spectral stags fighting shadowy wraith-like beings. Truly Govannon was right. Maybe this was an ancient place dedicated to Reinir.

The battle with the wraiths was harrowing as they utilized strange mind-clouding powers and floated seamlessly across the battlefield. Once they were dispatched, we needed to rest. The lurking fear that if we rested, the strange sounds above us would let whatever they were catch up to us. We knew they were probably orogs. My thoughts turned to the children guarding the wagon above. Were they discovered? Were they alright?

In the hidden nook where we fought the wraiths, we found the item we had been questing all this time for. How could such a simple and small ring possibly hold the cure we were looking for?

We dashed through the rest of the winding corridors. Javiero and I decided last minute to go back to the dwarven tomb and take the axe we had found within. If there were truly orogs trudging through this tomb, we wouldn’t let them leave with anything valuable.

Small clashes with orog scouts alerted our presence to large groups. We took various short cuts and side corridors. It became a race to see if we could get out before we were ambushed. In all my years, I would never think that I would have owed our escape of the tomb to…a giant frog. As it turns out, this huge creature sided with us for some unknown reason and took care of the orogs as we escaped. Being eaten by a giant frog while perhaps not the best way to die, was more than fitting for those raiders.

Coming out of the tomb, we found the wreckage of our wagon and no sign of the children. Javiero was able to track them down. My quick thinking Fiara took Jude and hide. I am so proud of my little girl. It turns out we were gone for well over a day and we had a lot of time to make up as we fled the Rjurik province.

After buying some horses in one of the first towns we came to, we made much better progress in fleeing from the cold north.

The ride south was not as hard as the ride north. We decided to stop in Mhoried, as Javiero wished to pay a visit to their ruler Daeric Mhoried. We were greeted as honored guest and allowed to attend a state dinner complete with dancing and perhaps more social interactions that we needed. The night was full of ups and downs as Javiero prepared himself to be completely embarrassed by the rest of Galloway’s Six. While I won’t claim to fit in with most human ideas of proper and culture, I know how not to make a fool of myself. I also don’t appreciate the look he keeps giving Fiara when he thinks I’m not watching.

Kenrick apparently was an old friend of the Mhor’s son, and we soon found ourselves brought to an honored position at the high table (much to Javiero’s joy and the dismay of the rest of us). While not making total fools of ourselves, it was a long night. I look forward for our departure in the morning.

And if Javiero continues his “looks” at my daughter I might have to have more than a few words with him…