Birthright - 4th Edition

Majid's Fine Curiosities

A letter to Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports

To Fairfield Regional Head,
Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports

I am sorry to have taken so long to send out this missive of introduction and greeting, must my fellows and I have been very busy getting our affairs in order and setting up shop as it were (you may have noticed the new church of Cuiraécen founded by Father Kenrik, the additional guard force trained by my friend Javiero, or my own small shop Majid’s Fine Curiosities). We decided on Fairfield due to our pleasant past dealings, and our ongoing friendship with Baronet Bloodwater. Overall, the city has been quite welcoming to my new venture… save for the Spider River Trading Company. They have fought me at every turn, even going so far as to send thugs to burn down my fledgling shop! I can only hope that they soon turn to minding their own business, as I have it on good authority that they have over-extended a bit in their efforts to keep me from gaining a foothold. If only I were in a position to capitalize on this oversight…

Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to the other honest merchant in the area in hopes that we may have happy and lucritive dealings in the future.

of Majid’s Fine Curiosities