Birthright - 4th Edition

Report back from

A clue to their whereabouts

_A crude calendar or dirty journal was discovered at the bottom of the mine shaft. It has been translated (as best as we could) from we think Vos to Low Brecht, and then translated it once more for you to read in your home tongue, my lord.

Perhaps it might give us a clue as to where those who ransacked the mine and your father’s personal affects went._
Spring – Jude turns 9. Fiaral turns 14 or 15. Time flies.
Must look nice for dancing.
Hate customs.
Old man discuss helmet. Helmet makes bones jump from skin once dead, and keep on fighting. Will not put on head until make sure not case.
Summer – Galloway have us stay about to quell Rats.
Priest look into curing rat problem. Will not allow test on Jude until sure.
Noble go work on talk and manners and looking good.
Bard go with Old Man to Baron Roseone’s daughter’s birthday celebration. Bard made Old Man’s Lieutenant. Old Man find power, is real Wizard now, not just Blacksmith. Getting older though. Worried.
Autumn – I have birthday. Also getting older. Have not had any response from letters sent for quite some time. Hear about Orog invasion in home, but some other group killing them and this is good.
Teach Jude Endurance, stay close enough to city in case he get sick.
Stillwater still like us, he lend Old Man, Priest, and Lieutenant Bard a lot of money.
Daughter go with mother to elf-land and they learn stuff.
More magic happen, stay out of it and hone skills.
Rat attack us, Fiaral walk on water and destroy Rat Chief.
Survivors will have rat cure tested on them.
They ruin shepard’s pie; Jude and me upset about that.
Will give him strength training tomorrow, so we not around in case rat people die.
Jude turning into good kid!