Birthright - 4th Edition

Scribbled Notes

*Notes scribbled in Basajari, on random pieces of paper in Majid’s pack.

Field battle: successful, routed wererat forces. Gallaway’s Six in command of squads, good coordination. Elite troops performed very well, were able to flank their forces. Need to get subcommander’s names, details are important.

Swamp battle: disgusting, stayed in boat. Waves of wererats, Gallaway urging us on. Everyone fought better with his around, very inspiring. Consider starting epic, he’d be good subject. What language rhymes best? Definitely leave out all the mud, not good for story.

Palisade battle: more wererats, hopefuly troops got any we missed pushing through to here. Bottomless pit??? How’d they even dig that? Leader got away, distracted us with powerful magics and skeletal-wererat-things. Figured out wererats working for something bigger. Maybe awnshegh created them. Need to chase down leader. Need to research ritual we found. Should write this out for histories or as poem once resolved.