Birthright - 4th Edition

A letter from the wastes...

I write this to you while resting in a field full of my enemies. The escape went smoothly, the guards were nothing against my hidden steel. My crew and I were relishing our victory as we approached our supply cache. As we grew closer though, the air was full of a horrible stench. It seems that the region our supplies were hidden in was had been infested by an army of the vile creatures known as Orogs. I did not waste time counting how many of the beasts we slew, but the blood was pooling on the icy ground. Just you wait, word of the battle will echo from the mouths of bards for decades to come.

As we pause to catch our breath on on journal to freedom, I think back to the shenagans that were attempted by the others to help us gather enough supplies. With my skill I could easily get out of the camp any time I wanted, but even I must admit I would not get very far without reliable… men… to watch my back.

I am unsure exactly how I should refer to the individuals I am currently traveling with. I will stick with "men" for now, though I am traveling with a dwarf, a halfbreed, a halfling and another human.

These individuals are not skilled in the covert arts, and as such they had difficulty following my lead. Nonetheless the managed to get us some much needed gear. My fellow human had a practical approach. He admitted that he was not one to overthink things, he simply found an influencal prisoner and did his best to service his needs. I dare not think how many hours he spent hauling rocks when he could have been resting.

The halfing put his tongue to work, padding pockets and sharing words. He also played the part of the fool, utalizing his acrobat skills to distract those with watchful eyes.

I'm not entirely sure what the halfbreed was doing… It seemed as if he spent a substancial amount of time trying to get into the minds of our captors. He spoke religion and  performed some minor healing.

The dwarf was fairly creative. He tried all sorts of things, some of which worked, some of which… Well… You know, I'm just going to list off the things he did…

  • He prayed for the guards, that their lives would be easier. Do you believe that?
  • He let himself be beaten so that a younger guard could make a good impression. Some of the worst acting ever, but it worked.
  • We worked together to try and frame a guard we didn't like.
  • One of my favorites! He convinced the guards to drug OUR food. That made life so much harder, at least I was able to partially correct that by drugging the guards in turn.
  • And I won't get into what happened with the hawks…

But it all worked out in the end. Even if some of their actions were rather creative, they provided the help that was required for us to have a chance at escaping this wasteland.

And now I should get ready, another wave of Orogs could arrive at any time… Take care and I will see you soon.