Birthright - 4th Edition

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

...especially when its at knife point

This will be short for I am too overwhelmed by my thoughts. The fates are conspiring against my future happiness! Things went from bad to worse fairly quickly (once the hallway ended). First we explained why we slaughtered the goblins. That wasn’t too bad, it meant the wererat and Althion had to cook instead.

Then Morga left the room to tend to some business, I went along since it meant we would get time alone together. Unfortunately that business was to talk with her brother. You wouldn’t expect this to be a problem, except her brother was the ice monster we slaughtered earlier… Needless to say she didn’t take this well, and unfortunately she had the magics to find out who did it. We had a bit of a spat, and I had no choice but to defend myself… Though self defense is something I’m good at, I couldn’t bring myself to deliver the killing blow…

All in all, I allowed Morga to escape and the rest of the team couldn’t stop the rat. (Maybe I should hire goblins as well?) We did get Yuri the eldar though and are now bringing him back to town. It also seems that Morga still believes we are working as agents of the Kracken, no clue what the wererat thinks.

The party consensus seems to be getting a ship and finally going someplace where there actually is civilization! I look forward to leaving the icy north behind… It will let me escape some of this sadness…



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