Birthright - 4th Edition

Farewell to the frozen North

At last! We are leaving this frozen waste. Our reputation has earned us the undying loyalty of a local trader and he will be proving us passage South. We also pooled our funds to invest in the silver trade, we don’t expect much payout from this (10%), but its safer than carrying our gold with us. Evzen did have to borrow from myself and Drew to pay his share, but that’s because he couldn’t resist purchasing a baby Varsk. In fact he is hiding by a pile of meat tending to his lizard right now.

Our initial destination is a shipyard in an island off the Southern coast. We plan on arranging passage to the mainland from there to do a bit of research on the magical rock we obtained as well as to seek out profit through adventure.

The debate continues on as to whether we are focusing on saving the world or profiting, though it seems like we are currently leaning towards the former. Regardless I am sure the Cold Steel Initiative will further spread its fame!