Birthright - 4th Edition

A kicked down door is a fine way to start a morning

After an unproductive fall, largely due to our bard researching his Varsk rather than the rock, we decided to spend another season in Khinasi. Realizing there was little we could contribute towards the research, Drew and I worked to improve our finances. Our trade investments went reasonably well this season, and the odd jobs we took paid quite satisfactory.

Evzen and Kahles remained at the temple to research the heralds and the identify ritual to attempt to get more information on the rock (which I bet is egg of some sort) magically. Unfortunately rumors spread so they no longer felt safe researching at the temple. We decided to perform the ritual at my lodgings instead, with everyone except me participating while I stood watch. (I’m not going to let magic touch me again!)

Things seemed to be going well, or at least it was fairly boring so I assume it was going well when all of a sudden Evzen screamed out “Visions through time!” and fainted. Shortly after we roused him and he excitedly said “Hey guys, I know what this is!” the door was kicked in and now we have to deal with some petty thugs before we find out what he learned…

Sighing Tholecht draws his crossbow and aims at the door

OOC: I probably misremebered what he said. Feel free to update as appropriate. Otherwise I’ll try to remember to check my notes and update it tonight