Birthright - 4th Edition

A swift farewell

Well that was fun… Evzen’s long lost partner in crime Gabriella told the watch that the stone was stolen.
Granted I use the term “watch” loosely, they were a collection of thugs led by a bigger thug.
Fortunately she didn’t mean to screw us over, so she helped once she recognized him.

To put it simply, fight fight fight, run run run.

It seems like as soon as one of our party got away, someone else turned around to dive back into the fray.
We need to work on this whole “strategic retreat” thing.

Evzen was the star of the show… At least if it was a comedy. Sending the horse drawn carriage down the street was pretty impressive. Diving in front of a sword blow to save his friend who causes us all this trouble on the other hand was not.

Eventually we got enough distance we could make a break for the docks. By this point I know these streets well, and what makes the people tick. I caused a panic as a smoke screen for us. Evzen found us some short cuts that we could slip through… Jumping over carts and the like. Drew, well he played with &*%. Literally. A cart of dung is an effective deterrant.

Finally the docks were in sight, and a ship was leaving port… Drew and Gabriella cleared the distance with ease (possibly because he tossed her). Kahles and I made a splash… I’m not a jumped and he weights a ton. Fortunately, after causing so much trouble in escaping, Evzen earned his keep by shadowstepping us out of the water and onto the deck of our favorite trader’s ship…

I liked that inn…

Now Evzen, hurry up and tell us what the blasted stone is!
(And write next sessions summery!)