Birthright - 4th Edition

Righteous Fury

We went to the Cracked Flagon searching for a lead on Gus. The Flagon is the local rathole and is roughly on par with the Voz prison. We made it be known we were looking to talk to him, and that we would be at a local inn for him to reach us. Evzon was quite generous in his tipping for the info, and we didn’t press too hard.

The next night they drugged the patrons and burnt down the inn we were staying at. I wish I could say this was a surprise, I expected them to try something or confront us, but this goes far beyond what is honerable even for thieves!

The time for talk is done, I could forgive them for sending an assassin, thats just good practice, but when they put so many innocents at risk they crossed the line.

“Drew, kick the door in…”