Birthright - 4th Edition

Maybe next time they'll listen!

OOC Note:
J.R. is cool with how things went down, and would have been even if his character had died. (In fact he was already thinking of new concepts). Tholecht on the other hand is not. Keep that in mind when reading this.

Its getting harder and harder to find good minions these days!

Seriously, you would think they could follow simple instructions. Our sturdiest fighters spent forever dealing with one puny wererat while the rest of us went to save the gol… err… citizens. Two hits and I would have finished him off, but since Kahles was too stubborn to go to the surface I had to do it instead. If I hadn’t there wouldn’t have been any citizens left to save! (I’m still not sure why our wizard was so obsessed with the ducks… but I can’t complain she is the only one who got more kills than I.)

At least Drew realized the urgency, and when they finally finished off their defenseless rat he booked it topside. As soon as we had people capable of taking a hit we quickly finished them off. (and I admit it, I can only take so much abuse!)

Maybe next time they’ll listen!