Birthright - 4th Edition

A letter from the underground...

My dear friend, I write you once more while taking a five minute break from battle.
My adventuring company and I have discovered a remarkable land under these frozen wastes. We have discovered the land where the One Armed Gnoll is king.
He seems to have a lonely existence, so far the only "life" we have encountered were demonic toys. The goelms seemed to delight in attacking us unprovoked.

While we camped last night, we realized there was a blocked passage in the back of the cave. Since we need to take several days to prep the bear remains for traveling it was only logical that we explore it. After all exploring here meant we wouldn't stray far from our catch.

The first wave of monsters we encountered was fairly easy to put down. I wasn't aware machines could have a maniac look in their eyes, but somehow they did. One even was chained to the wall it was so berserkā€¦ Regrettably it also had a ballista.

The gnoll himself managed to escape down the tunnelā€¦ We will see him again shortly I'm sure. I already hear the steps of the second wave.
To victory!