Birthright - 4th Edition

Blood Makes The 'Shrooms Grow

Once again I fear this will be a short missive my friend. The screaming in the background is highly distracting. I'm just waiting for the muscle to kick down the door so we can get a little peace and quiet. And potentially do a good deed.

We delayed longer than we should have before fording ahead, allowing the gnoll and his minions to prepare for our arrival, but the delay was well worth it. We found a handy (literally) weapon rack with enough gear to make everyone happy. The hand crossbow I found was supurb. Maybe now I can fully utilize my skills.

The next battle took place at an underground farm. The gnoll appears to be using human bodies to fertilize the giant mushrooms. It is unknown what end he hopes to achieve, hopefully we catch and interrogate him soon.

We learned under a hail of poorly shot bolts than the gnoll has human lackies as well. They appeared to be followers of the Ice Queen, but they died too quickly to get any real info out of them. Unsurprisingly we encountered even more constructs.

I could go on about how we slew them, even though they had the advantage, but really what need do I have of further touting my glory?

After we slaughtered his troops the gnoll fled yet again. He dove down the toilet and fled deeper into the mushroom farm below us. Next time he won't escape.