Birthright - 4th Edition

Do you know the mushroom man?

I am quite pleased I focus on ranged weapons… While the others are busy cleaning the blood and spores off their gear, I have the chance to write to you.

At last we can rest, Kahles is completely sure we are safe and I don't have the energy to question him.

We brought back the heretic and her stone and were taking a brief rest when we heard a commotion from the mushroom forest. Apparently three mushroom men wanted the stone… I have no clue why, and I have no clue why nothing bad happened when they took it… It sure looked trapped to me… Those lines of energy tying it to the heretic…

The battle with them was fierce, but we killed two of them before the finally one got the stone and fled. Regretably none of us could hit the fleeing fungi…

Tomorrow we interrogate the prisoner and resume our exploration.