Birthright - 4th Edition

One step closer to civilization...

My friend,
I apologize but I do not feel like writing much now. Playing translator for my associates has left me fairly drained.
We questioned the heretic today and have come to an agreement. We help her retrieve her stone and she takes us to the nearest city… With the strong suggestion we get out of Vos as soon as possible.
We haven't learned much that would aid us yet, but at least we have a little to work with. Apparently the Gnoll is a minion of the heretic. The mushroom men are enemies of her since she seeks to drive them out of the caverns. The last bit of info we gleamed is that the stone is apparently sensative to bloodline… And it is highly likely that she is blooded… Though from which diety I don't know…
Its time to gear up and get the stone…
Be safe… I'm sure we will be fighting soon.