Birthright - 4th Edition

Return to Civilization!

At last! We have returned to civilization.

The assault on the Orag encampment went fairly smoothly, no severe difficulties.
On return we were given "the best boat available" and we sailed to the nearest port city.
It felt good to be around a port again!

And I was pleased to learn that news of my prowess as an Orog slayer had spread.
We considered leaving immediately, but instead decided to milk my reputation and earn some coin.

To help us with that task, we did discuss naming our group, after all a memorable name is critical for success!

We have a handful of suggestions, but really none of them cut it…

  • (Evzen's) Merry Men
  • The Orog Hunting Company
  • Anuiran East Cerilia Trading Company
  • East Sea Traders or the East Sea Company

Since we are building off my fame, I may just declare we are "The M.M.A.C", short for "The Merry Marauders Adventure Company". (or maybe Merry Marauders Eastern Trade Company)
Its a compromise using something from everyone.

Assuming the price is right our first task will be undertaking a small rescue operation.

That's all for now.