Birthright - 4th Edition

The Power of a Name, The crushing of snow.

We finally sat down and worked out a name, my previous idea was much to wordy. We settled on something that rolled off the tongue, CSI, short for Cold Steel Initiative.

Getting that matter of business out of the way allowed us to focus on our next job.

Yuri the younger hired us to find Yuri the older.

For finding him, we get paid regardless if he's dead or alive… 500 each if we find him alive or 200 if he's dead.

On investigating the sight he disappeared from, we came to the belief that it was not Orogs who abducted him as expected.

Calling on an eye from the sky, Kahles led us to a blatently obvious ambush of snow monsters… Which we quickly dispatched. 

The truth behind what happened will hopefully be found in the abandoned mine before us…