Birthright - 4th Edition


Dear Friend,
I apologize for not writing for so long, things have been fairly busy and the ink I have been using froze in the cold.
Now that I am inside a “warm” keep I finally have the chance to write once more.

I fear things have gotten more complicated.

Our paths have crossed with the halfling priestess Morga several times at this point… Most often ending in bloodshed.
Once again our paths crossed and I truly saw her for the first time.
This time she was not in the middle of an evil sacrifice, nor engaged in battle, she was simply sitting behind a table going through research notes.

Granted this was research on cruel experiments concerning wererat bites and blooded humans, but that is beside the point.
I have confidence we’ll get Yuri the elder out either tonight or tomorrow without any further fighting.
We just have to make sure the real buyers don’t arrive before then.

But I digress from what truly matters… I was struck by Morga’s true, if severe, beauty. Halfings and humans aren’t that different, one is just a little smaller than the other. We both have hopes and dreams and hearts which seek companionship.

It will be my pleasure to keep the lovely Morga distracted while my associates do what is required to free Yuri.
I know just thinking about her makes my heart race, and though she is awkward about showing it, I believe she feels the same.

I know I am not thinking entirely clearly as I write this, my thoughts are scattered. Without thinking I agreed to wait out the storm when she invited me to stay. I’m sure my associates will come up with some excuse to leave sooner, but I hope we at least have the time to enjoy dinner and a short rest…

Now the only real question is how to explain the room of slaughtered goblins…