Birthright - 4th Edition

We have escaped!

A month in that hole in the ground. Mining unprecious ores with shoddy equipment and our hands as weak, starving slaves. They threw me in a hole with no light and no escape. I only had my faith in you, that you would keep me safe.

The humans that I am associated with proved to be quite resourceful. While I was in my prison hole, Tholecht was able to produce a sword before our escape and another one was able to convice one of the guards to stash some equipment for us somewhere outside the gates.

They let me out of my hole, just in time for our planned escape. But the mine boss was able to determine our plan and sent his thugs to stop us. We took them down quickly. The mine boss was more difficult. His cudjel and headbutting was mighty, but I held my ground against him.

Fortunately, we were able to take him down and free some of the slaves before the rest of the guards could stop us.

Mighty Moradin, why would you not help me strike down our foe? You would let me heal Drew, the fighter, as he tried to engage both the guard and the mine boss at the same time. But every time I called on your name to stop our enemy, nothing happened.

There was another cleric, I am not sure of his faith, and he was having trouble calling his god as well.

Was I too weak to call on your power? Did I actually lose faith in you in when we were so close to escape, and yet our plans were found out?

Or maybe thoughts of escape instead of revenge were necessary to call on your power. Or did you want to wait, until word got to the other slaves got word of our riot? Maybe, I just needed to call from a higher vantage point.

Or was it that rousing speech the bard gave to inspire the slaves to revolt against their cruel captors?

I am not sure. I will have to meditate on this once we have found a safe place to heal up, get warm, and rest.

I am still and always will be your faithful servant,

- Kahles


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We have escaped!