A wererat and a rogue, but is he an evil mastermind or a victim of circumstance?


Discovered in his lair behind a secret door in the sewers beneath Dumaire, Gus was surrounded by the children presumed dead when the orphanage burned down. Initially, it was easy to write him off as a criminal and a cutthroat, but further investigation raises more questions then answers.

Why was this rogue carrying The Life and Times of Judithya Bluegill, a diary wrapped in a powerful illusion? If he truly treated the orphans like a father might, then why did he run and let them die? Was he the ringleader of a gang of young wererats, or was he truly just a lacky to harsher masters?

Gus’ escape out a small underwater hole in his lair prevents these questions from being answered. If Galloway’s Six can find him, then maybe they can find their answers.

Gus’ story began in our first Birthright campaign in 2003. The heroes of that story rescued him from a band of orogs in an underground temple complex. His partner, Tom the bard, was slain by an orog warrior in the rescue attempt. Tom was a distant cousin to Baron Daniel Roesone.


Birthright - 4th Edition Alexander Cecil