Judythia Bluegill

The daughter of an elite family, she took to adventuring instead of following her family's tradition.


Why did she steal the ring? Why was she so affraid? Where is she now?

The Bluegill family ranks among Cerilia’s true elite, though you would be hard pressed to find them in any tales of valor or heroism. The only known great bloodline among the halflings, the Bluegills have shunned rulership and regency in all its forms. Instead, they sit in the courts of other regents as scribes and heralds, giving a station of honor and the mantle of true power to those with whom they ally.

Little is known about Judythia. She was an adventurer as recently as seven years ago, diverging from her family’s chosen life of peace. Fearing a Vos barbarian in her party, she stole away in the night with his magic ring and escaped to the Shadowfell. Once she returned to the daylight world, she masked her ring using powerful conjurations and entrusted the resulting magical “diary” to Gus. Her current location, and even if she is alive, is unknown.

Judythia was a PC in our first Birthright campaign in 2003. The events listed above took place after the conclusion of that story.

Judythia Bluegill

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