Grith Z'lnak

An awnshegh abomination. Once a noble warrior, the monster won in the end.


Difficulty in translation made for a spotty understanding of the past of the awnshegh called Grith Z’lnak. At an unclear time in the past, the mighty Rjurik warrior Hrathvan came to the caverns beneath Dumaire. There, he slew one of Azrai’s blood, the blood of his enemy somehow corrupting him. He has remained in the cavern, waiting until the Galloway’s Six found him.

Hrathvan spoke with the party at some length before something shifted behind his eyes. In an instant, he was on the party, trying to kill any he could reach. Sadly, the heroes had to give a final death to this once great warrior.

Upon his death, Grith Z’lnak’s bloodline energy left him, transferring into the closest heroes. This was the first bloodline usurpation conducted by Galloway’s six, and likely not the last.

Grith Z'lnak

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