Character Creation

Having the Blood of the Gods

You may choose to begin play as a blooded Scion. If you decline to play a blooded character, then you may instead choose one additional feat.


You begin play with your race’s language, Anuirean, and a number of languages equal to your intelligence bonus, if positive. If Anuirean is your native language, you may choose one other language. Languages include:

  • Anuirean
  • High Brecht (a scholarly language)
  • Low Brecht (a trade tongue and the modern language of Brechtur)
  • Vos
  • Rjurik
  • Basajari (Khinasi)
  • Karamul (Dwarven)
  • Sidhelien (Elven)
  • Goblin (spoken by most monstrous humanoids)
  • Orog (spoken by the Orogs, eternal enemies of Dwarves)


You may purchase equipment as per normal. No magic or alchemical items may be purchased.

Character Creation

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