We will use miniatures in combat whenever possible. We will alternate between 1” grid and Heroscape hexes, depending on the nature of the battlefield.

1” Grid

These battles will follow the standard rules for 4e minis. We may house rule things as we go.


The following changes will be used for Heroscape hex-based terrain.

Moving up 1 level in height:

Difficult terrain for entering the uphill hex.

Moving up 2 levels or more in height:

Pass a jump check to make this just difficult terrain. Fail the jump check, and you must take extra movement to make this climb at the cost of one extra movement per height. You may not climb more than 4 height levels this way. Some climbs may not be possible.

Moving down 1 level in height:

This costs you no extra movement.

Moving down 2 levels in height:

Difficult terrain for entering the downhill hex.

Moving down 3 more more levels in height:

Pass an appropriate jump check to just make this difficult terrain. Failing the jump check causes you to land prone and possibly take falling damage.

Burst Effects:

Burst effects function like normal, though the shape will differ from that on a standard grid.

Blast Effects:

Blast effects will cover approximately the same number of squares, but the method of determining the area of effect differs from that in the PHB. Templates will be available and/or can be made easily.


Ladders may be climbed at the cost of 1 movement per rung. You may jump onto a ladder to decrease the distance you must climb.


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